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Zhejiang Jianli Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of Xishi, the ancient capital of Yue Dynasty - Zhuji

Zhejiang Jianli Co., Ltd. is located in Zhuji, the hometown of Xishi. It has beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. It is also the core radiation of the business center of “ Shanghai- Hangzhou- Ningbo” and the economic belt of Yangtze River. Our company founded in August 1993, it has two subsidiaries Zhejiang Jianli Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Jianli Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.

The total area is 1 million square meters, with a net worth of 3 billion yuan. It is a large enterprise of professional production bearing steel pipe in which science, industry and trade are integrated...

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  • 25year

    Focus on industry for 25 years

  • 36Patent

    31 utility model patents

    5 invention patents

  • 30Billion

    Total assets of 30 billion yuan

  • GB/T18254

    Main drafting unit of national industry standards

  • Advanced


    • 1993

      Zhuji seamless steel tube
      factory was established, the main
      production of cold-drawn carbon
      seamless steel tube
    • 1999

      Zhejiang Jianli Enterprise Co., Ltd
      was established, registered "JOL"
    • 2001

      Zhuji headquarters zhusan road factory
      area of the second phase of cold-drawn
      steel pipe project was completed and
      put into operation
    • 2011

      Zhuji headquarters ganxi road factory
      the first annual output of 50,000 tons
      of high-quality bearing steel pipe
      production line was put into operation
    • 2011

      Developed high quality precision bearing
      steel tube, passed ISO/TS16949 quality
      management system certification

    Jianli shares

    Professional qualifications make you safe and secure

    • ISO9001Quality certification system
    • IATF16949Quality management system
    • IS014001Environmental management system
    • IATF16949

      Quality management system certification

    • IS014001

      Environmental management system certification





    3 Qianxi road, Taozhu street, Zhuji city, Zhejiang province, China



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