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The enterprise management


Talent concept is the guiding ideology and value concept that enterprises attach importance to talents, cherish talents, rationally develop talents, use talents, retain talents and promote talents. Man proposes, man disposes. Today's competition between enterprises, in the final analysis, is the competition for talent. Set up what kind of talent concept, what kind of people, the rise and fall of enterprises. The talent concept of healthy force: "regardless of standard, people make the best of their talents." Company adhering to the "people-oriented, harmonious" business philosophy, sincerely invite the soil of ambition to join.


Jianli advocates a team spirit of steady, pragmatic, honest, pioneering and innovative. Through the enterprise's internal integration and full staff training, the content of brand construction penetrates into the enterprise's management, product research and development, production, sales and marketing of each link, the concept of brand construction for all employees to identify and practice.


The comprehensive establishment and operation of ISO/TS 16949-2009 quality management system focuses on customers, prevents product defects and continuously improves customers' satisfaction with jianli's products and services


"Stability shows high-end, controllable to create high-quality goods!" In accordance with the requirements of "eight quality management principles", the author makes comprehensive and effective monitoring and management of the six quality influencing factors of people, machine, material, method, environment and measurement.


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